Ethnobotany of the Cook Islands: The Plants, their Maori Names, and their Uses

by Dr. W. Arthur Whistler

This booklet, which was published in the Allertonia journal (Vol. 5 No. 4), covers the use of plants in the Cook Islands. It is based upon several trips by the author to the archipelago, during which time many local experts were consulted, and upon an extensive literature review. The plants covered include all species with local (Maori) names, which are arranged in alphabetical order. Each entry includes the scientific name, the botanical authors of the name, and the local uses of the plant in the Cook Islands. Included in the appendix is a list of doubtful names and a bibliography. The booklet is aimed at those wanting to know the plants of the Cook Islands, their local names, and their local uses.

Pages: 77B & W Photos: 13
Size: 7 x 10 inchesBinding: soft bound
Cost: $12 Publisher: Allertonia
Publication Date: 1990